Ayo Ajani


“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew  6:33


The one common legitimate concern of most men is what they’d eat and wear. For the most part of their lives, most people work just to meet this need. Even when the need is met, the fear of keeping it met makes most continue in the rat race of life.


However, God has given us a foolproof system in His kingdom that ensures ALL your needs are met, ALL of the time.


God has created a system to distinguish the believer from the world. If we chase after these things the way they do, to what advantage is our faith then.


God wants your affection and total desire poured out on something else whilst He sorts you out. What you will eat, what you will wear, where you’d live and all such isn’t your responsibility to work out. Now I know, that would sound irresponsible to a lot of people. And I’m in no way advocating for irresponsibility neither was Jesus saying that too.


What He was saying was take no thought about these things, don’t let them become your worry or obsession.


Fix your goal and gaze on something else. In fact, ensure that your efforts to meet these legitimate needs are connected to your engaging in the higher goal.


Jesus said ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God’. First not alongside. Make it your priority. Make it your life’s aim.


Many people have goals to be rich and famous. Many more have goals to just be able to survive the economic hardship they are faced with.


Many want yachts and houses.

But Jesus wants us seeking something else. He wants your entire being engaged in the pursuit of His kingdom.


And He adds a clause. ‘All the things the Gentiles seek will be added to you’.


This isn’t a promise. It’s a statement of fact.


Suppose I said to you that when salt is added to water, the salt dissolves.


That isn’t a promise. I’m not promising you that the water may or should dissolve the water.


Neither is it a probability. I’m not saying that it may or may not happen.


Friends, It’s a statement of fact!

Jesus wasn’t promising you. He was stipulating an unbreakable, unchangeable law of the Spirit. If you seek FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness, every other thing that the world seeks after will be added to you- cheaply, without sweat.


Put the kingdom first. Put soul winning first. Put His work first.


Your priorities show not in your words but in your money and your time.


These are the parameters by which priorities are judged.



Dear Father, I thank you for your word that has come to me today. I live every day purposefully, serving you with my life, for your glory. Above everything else, I put the expansion of the Kingdom first, serving you in love, with a perfect heart and a willing mind, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


JOB 23:1-27:232


PSALM 41:1-13