Ayo Ajani


“Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.” Colossians 4:6


Salt today is a common household item that it makes it quite difficult or us to appreciate the import of this admonition of Paul to the New Testament believer. Moreso, in our day many alternatives have been found for the purposes that salt was used for exclusively in ancient times. 


Unlike today where you can buy it at almost any grocery or pet store, In ancient Israel, salt was such a rare and quite expensive commodity. You could only find it at a few places in Israel.the process of gathering it and processing it was very tedious too making it very costly. Yet it was needed in almost every part of their daily lives. 


Salt was used for some primary reasons amongst many others. Let me highlight a few:


First was to preserve food from decay. This was possibly one of its most important uses. In a world that didn’t have the technology of refrigerators, they relied heavily on the use of salt to preserve perishable foods. 


Also, salt was used both as an antiseptic and a medicinal agent. When applied in heavy doses, it was believed that salt could sanitise and make a place or thing germ-free. It was even used to curtail the spread of diseases in animal farms. In a case where there’s already sickness and disease, salt was used medicinally too. 


Lastly, although this list is in no way exhaustive, food without salt is usually said to be tasteless. Frankly, few foods are tasteless. What salt does really is to enhance the taste of food. It brings out the hidden flavours. 


So Paul had these and more in ind when he said to let our words be seasoned with salt- not only when we are happy but always. Even when offended or displeased. 


There are too many believers whose words cut like swords. Don’t be that way! 


Some even boast of how sharp their mouth is. What a shame!

Let your words always preserve men from decay i.e lead men into the life that’s in Christ. 


Let your words always sanitise by hindering the work of sin and devils in your environment. 


Let your words always build up not tear down. 


Let your words always bring healing to people. 


Let your words always communicate grace- strength, beauty, virtue, honour and class. 

Let your words always bring out the sweet flavours in others.



Thank you Father Lord for my words are wholesome and edifying to my hearers. I communicate with grace and simplicity today and always. The words that come out of my mouth build people up, it brings healing to people and preserves men. As i open my mouth to speak, i communicate grace, strength, vigour, life, beauty and virtue to those in my world. Halleluyah!!!


2 Chronicles 14:1-16:14

Romans 9:1-24

Psalms 19:1-14

Proverbs 20:1